Nearshore Development

Nearshore software development is working with software development teams that are near the country your company is based in.

For North America nearshore software development means Mexico and other Latin American countries.

For Western European countries nearshore outsourcing means Eastern European countries.

The United States, being the most expensive technology hub, clearly benefits with nearshore software development.

What is the difference between

offshore and nearshore software development?

Offshore and Nearshore software development are very different.

Collaboration is key to any project. It is very different to work and give valuable feedback to a person that has 2 hours of timezone difference than to a person that has 14 hours difference. If you found out a certain part of your app is not working in the afternoon you need to wait until the next day.

Sharing the same culture. Business expectations might mean something different in each side of the world.

Languages are a big barrier. Usually countries that are close to the United States speak English for cultural and business reasons. When you are apart 14 hours from your software development team it might not be in their culture to speak the same language you do.

Nearshore software development is often less costly than Onshore development and has better credibility than Offshore development.

What are the main benefits of

nearshore software development?


It is very important to be able to collaborate with your team on a daily basis. It is very easy to lose days of work for not being able to communicate well. This is crucial when working with agile methodologies since this requires constant feedback and collaboration.


There is a significant economic motivator since the cost of living in nearshore countries like Mexico is lower that in technology hubs like San Francisco.


By hiring nearshore development teams you have access to the best talent on a global scale.


Considering the proximity you can always arrange a business trip to meet face to face or bring a member of the team in for specific meetings.


There is more cultural affinity with nearshore countries.


Being able to speak with the team is esencial. There might be accents but the main idea should be able to be expressed.

Nearshore software development is a

big opportunity for businesses

Nearshore software development model works great for startups.

A startup is a company that has not reached Product Market Fit yet. It is basic to a startup's survival to be able to hire a software development team they can afford and that can work with them throughout these iterative loops until they define their business.

When the product finds Product Market Fit and starts generating money is when things become interesting because customer expectations increase. The Product will also start facing other kinds of problems and you will have real data of users to work with. This is also a great scenario for nearshore software development because the tasks you need will be more defined and specific and the value you receive will also increase.

Nearshore software outsourcing is also great for bigger companies with established technology teams. They need to maintain what they have built. Innovate with new products to keep pushing new users. Tackle bugs, report, etc. These companies usually do not have enought people on their team to keep up with work.

At some point all successful software products start facing other kinds of problems. At this point we will have real data to solve real problems. This is also a great scenario for nearshore software development because the tasks you need will be more defined and specific. The value you receive also increases.

Ideal nearshore software development

countries in America

If your company is located in the united states the
best option for nearshore software development is mexico

Nearshoring to Mexico makes sense because both countries share a border. Mexican cities are often times in the same timezone as United States cities. Most of the flights between countries are 2 - 3 hours away. Big cities in both countries have cheap and direct flights.

Nearshore software development in Mexico is easy because Mexican companies are fluent in English. Mexicans are very familiar with the American culture and work ethics.

the right development team

your development team defines a big part of your product's success.

Make sure you have a good cultural fit with the company you work with. You will be working with them for at least a couple of months so make your life easier.

A low lourly rate does not necessarily mean savings for your project. The idea is not to choose the cheapest nearshore software development company you see but to work with the one that offers the best value for your budget.

Find a team that is flexible. That is able to accommodate their talent to existent projects or that are able to start one from scratch.

Pay great attention to the User Experience. Make sure your team is proficient in design and software development.

Oftentimes a good approach for this is nearshore software development.

There are tons of Nearshore software development


There are tons of nearshore software development companies you can research

Take the time to go through their websites and read about their culture and beliefs in software development

Interview them, talk to them and see if you are a good cultural fit

A good company that works under agile and iterative methodologies of software development is

They are an American company with their team distributed in Mexico and Venezuela

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